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nov.28, linz/Austria:
"islas" final concert master studies
final transmission orchestra:
live - track 3 (0:14:28)
live 22/01/08 in stadtwerkstatt linz, im rahmen der 100sten radio sendung "final transmission" auf radio fro

the orchestra
stephan blumenschein (delilah, gigis gogos) ... guitar
markus decker (aerom) ... electronics, effects
anselm duerrschmid (valina, rounerseind) ... drums
wolfgang fuchs (aerom, das fax mattinger) ... turntablism
gigi gratt (tumido, nirwakia, braaz, gigis gogos) ... bass, trumpet
klausi schmid ... sound
christian zollner (men killing men, regolith) ... synth
richard herbst (regolith, ex-1bomb1target) ... effects, vox
link: final transmission
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uploaded on 04.20.2008 by richard herbst
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