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mar.29, graz/Austria:
[screening] toutes directions
mar.31, graz/Austria:
[screening] toutes directions, zo...
apr.01, torun/Poland:
billy roisz - solo a/v & screening
jd zazie & billy roisz:
live @ forum stadtpark/graz #2 (0:05:11)
excerpt of jd azie's & billy roisz' live show as part of the interpenetration series at forum stadtpark/graz - nov 2014

jd zazie: turntable & cdj & mixer
billy roisz: e-bass & electronics
link: jd zazie , billy roisz , interpenetration
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uploaded on 01.23.2015 by gnu
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jd zazie & billy roisz:
live @ forum stadtpark/graz #1

jd zazie & billy roisz:
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taft vegas:

jd zazie & billy roisz:
live @ ndlm/echoraum#2

schwindel trugbild phantasie

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