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may30, graz/Austria:
12. v:nm festival 2019
june04, paris/France:
soirée mikroton - paris
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soirée mikroton - nantes
henrik munkeby nørstebø & daniel lercher & julie rokseth:
inside elements (0:10:01)
off the coast
henrik munkeby nørstebø - trombone, half clarinet, breath piano
daniel lercher - laptop, fieldrecordings, bass clarinet
julie rokseth - celtic lever harp, pictish harp
aksel johansen - voice

recorded october 2017 on the island sula, norway
link: http://sofamusic.no/album/coast
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uploaded on 03.03.2019 by Daniel Lercher
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henrik munkeby nørstebø & daniel lercher & julie rokseth:
off the coast

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