nyx - agnel/castello/duthoit:
nyx de 3 à 5 - la renarde - day 7 - march 26 2020 (0:04:08)
la renarde
isabelle duthoit – voice
sophie agnel – piano
angélica castelló – paetzold, sounds, assemblage

3 cities, 3 mobile phones, playing and the same time but not together at 3 in the afternoon, not knowing what the others are playing.
then just putting all 3 recordings together, and change some volumes, some mixing and do some equalizing, not much.
inspiration is the fantastic little book of laure belhassen "femmes animales“ - bestiaire métaphorique. (Éditions des grands champs)

each time a new beast
being together in sound!
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uploaded on 03.26.2020 by angelica castello
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