sun. mar. 19 2023

Thomas Lehn & Dieb13
“I’m quite frankly not a fan of ‘project descriptions’, especially when they’re pure, ie. non-programmatic music per se, which in the end always speaks for itself. This applies even more to ‘real-time music’. The attempt to describe it in words can never fully do justice to the innermost and most essential of her being. The essential remains verbally intangible. It is precisely the enigmatic, the unfathomable, the incomprehensible in it that transforms us or our consciousness for a moment and sometimes seduces us to step out of time – in the spirit of the Manifesto – and brings us into contact with levels/spaces of consciousness that naturally elude the ratio and a defining or explanatory logos. Inevitably – at least for me – the (concert) space is not only an active dh. consciously taken into account, but also a contributing element to the musical happenings: it interferes/confronts with back-reflected sounds according to its acoustic nature, but also with other ‘vibrations’ that stem from the accumulation of qualities incorporated over the course of its existence. A place carries and transfers history – within itself.”

(Thomas Lehn)

Thomas Lehn – Analogsynthesizer (EMS Synthi AKS)

Dieb 13 – Turntables

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