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klaus filip: sonic_dust@shut_up_and_listen'18
link: filipino
uploaded on 01.05.2019 by klaus filip
length: 0:13:47
275 requests total
4.40 requests per month
2.13 different clients per month
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klaus filip: sonic_dust@soundart_nickelsdorf
3 hours of the installation sonic_dust at the soundart exhibition 2018 at the nickelsdorf konfrontationen festival.
the installation uses the dust broomed from the salzer-stadl's floor falling through laser beams in order to make it audible.
uploaded on 07.31.2018 by klaus filip
length: 3:22:51
341 requests total
5.03 requests per month
1.86 different clients per month
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antonino secchia, peter kutin, ...: live@palermo_27/09/2010_partii
antonino secchia (percussions)
peter kutin (guitar)
sanfilippo dario (laptop, feedback)
marco pianges (laptop)
gandolfo pagano (guitar)
uploaded on 11.22.2009 by peter kutin
length: 0:09:23
368 requests total
2.12 requests per month
0.93 different clients per month
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stefan geissler: cp-80 / jp
a kind of late-summer-tiki-plugin-contest-bar song and maybe a forthcoming soundtrack as well.
uploaded on 01.08.2011 by stefan geissler
length: 0:04:20
1394 requests total
8.72 requests per month
3.40 different clients per month
download: mp3 or ogg
laura mello: istanblumenau - lei de terras 1850
Voice: Christiane de Macedo.
Text: excerpt from BrazilĀ“s government gazette 1850, the "land enactment", saying "empty" land should be occupied, ignoring the presence of indigenous people.
uploaded on 03.27.2023 by laura mello
length: 0:01:49
107 requests total
9.66 requests per month
6.05 different clients per month
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total length of displayed songs:03:52:10
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