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dieb13: tango suomalainen
excerpt from the record "contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich'n'roll
dieb13 - 2019
god records 55
uploaded on 10.18.2019 by dieb13
length: 0:03:31
640 requests total
12.02 requests per month
5.92 different clients per month
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patrik kessler & dieb13: der makrograph - live at cave12
makrograph (chuchchepati orchester) live:
dieb13: turntables and computers of various sizes
patrick kessler: double bass, cymbal, electronics

excerpt of a live concert at cave12/geneva on may 3 2023
uploaded on 12.05.2023 by dieb13
length: 0:05:13
209 requests total
71.39 requests per month
49.53 different clients per month
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laura mello: istanblumenau - lei de terras 1850
Voice: Christiane de Macedo.
Text: excerpt from Brazil´s government gazette 1850, the "land enactment", saying "empty" land should be occupied, ignoring the presence of indigenous people.
uploaded on 03.27.2023 by laura mello
length: 0:01:49
107 requests total
9.41 requests per month
5.89 different clients per month
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elak fields forever: collective fields
sounds by juri binder, jan georg brocza, angélica castelló, arthur fussy, ganael dumreicher, madeleine fremuth, fabian hainzl, lisa maria hollaus, rebekka homburg, antonia matschnig, ferenc németh, maximilian roth, paul scheliga, erika spring, luisali lea theisen, elizaveta trukhanova, anton vertipolokh and georg zichy.

mix angélica castelló
uploaded on 09.26.2021 by angelica castello
length: 0:12:22
175 requests total
5.91 requests per month
3.45 different clients per month
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dieb13: interlockdown kleptosonics, part 1
played live on turntables and klopfer at chateau rouge on august 22 2020

recorded by gustavo petek
uploaded on 08.26.2020 by dieb13
length: 0:10:51
260 requests total
6.08 requests per month
3.01 different clients per month
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