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oliver stotz: in c (part 2)
terry riley's classic played by the olive on piano, guitar, marimba, xylophone, melodica, mandolin, banjo, percussion etc...
uploaded on 12.28.2022 by oliver stotz
length: 0:04:08
61 requests total
49.36 requests per month
25.08 different clients per month
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billy roisz & dieb13: global siesta part 2
global siesta was a 22 hour live radio program as part of esch '22.
cycling through 22 time zones in 22 hours, billy roisz and dieb13 did a (live-)remix of radio and streaming sources from around the world. wherever it was between 2pm and 3pm at any given moment, was the acoustic place to be for the two. thus they took us on a hypnosonic journey around the globe. the source material could be radio but also any other audio signal like tv, web-streams like hydrophones from the ocean floor or even seismic data.

this is part 2 of the 22hour show
uploaded on 07.12.2022 by dieb13
length: 6:00:00
159 requests total
23.13 requests per month
3.05 different clients per month
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stefan geissler: cp-80 / jp
a kind of late-summer-tiki-plugin-contest-bar song and maybe a forthcoming soundtrack as well.
uploaded on 01.08.2011 by stefan geissler
length: 0:04:20
1047 requests total
7.12 requests per month
2.71 different clients per month
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dieb13 + gus loxbo: live at porgy & bess
played live at porgy & bess / vienna on october 3rd 2022

gus loxbos: double bass
dieb13: triple turntable
uploaded on 01.11.2023 by dieb13
length: 0:24:25
168 requests total
218.59 requests per month
31.23 different clients per month
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takeshi fumimoto: 1 sähkö
from the release "dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto"
(cc) 2005 - mego069
released under the creative commons "sampling+ 1.0" license
uploaded on 08.27.2008 by dieb13
length: 0:01:40
1005 requests total
5.72 requests per month
3.02 different clients per month
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total length of displayed songs:06:34:33
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